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Elizabeth Grillo, Owner, Broker, Realtor®

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I grew up in real estate. I watched my parents hunt for homes from the back seat of our station wagon. They were just a young working class couple from Brooklyn building their financial future while rates soared to 18%. Later when my Mother became a Realtor®, I saw the business from another perspective. Charlotte became home in 1986. I raised my son and my dogs here and have lived and loved Charlotte for most of my life. For over 20 years, I have bought, designed, renovated and predominantly sold homes and land in the Charlotte North Carolina and South Carolina real estate market. 

Experience is key when hiring an agent to represent your biggest investment. There have been years that I have been involved in hundred of transactions. I have owned several firms and been one of Charlotte's highest producing agents. Now some of my own hand picked agents are also top producers. I intentionally work with a small group of agents to offer the highest level of service and integrity. Most of all, I love being an agent myself and working closely with my own buyers and sellers. My firm's focus is on residential sales, but I personally have experience handling dozens of commercial transactions. My firm is successful because we understand design, renovation, construction and development. Long before it was "the norm", I encouraged my listings to stage their homes for faster sales and higher prices. 

Experience and good instincts are essential. Everyone needs a knowledgeable listing or buyer's agent who can negotiate and anticipate issues. At the start of my career, I listed homes in what were then "transitional neighborhoods". I knew it was inevitable that those areas would grow. I grew up as an actor and knew that creative people could always turn down trodden areas into authentic exciting places. The combination of "location, location" and the vibe that hardworking, creative neighbors (including myself) brought to Charlotte's Center City and Historic neighborhoods made it obvious to me that they would thrive. My son was born on Tremont Avenue when Dilworth was "shady" and the South End didn't exist. Now my beloved Midwood, The NoDa Arts District, Villa Heights, Wesley Heights and Oakhurst are all desirable Charlotte hip hoods. For the last decade, I have called Myers Park home while designing, renovating and selling luxury homes and estates from South Park to South Carolina. Call me a real estate junkie — I am on my 34th move! 

For over 20 years, I have "been there first ". Today, Charlotte is full of real estate agents. Everyone's cousin with a license and computer algorithms are now trying to buy or sell you a home on-line. It seems easy, but it's not a new story. In the end, if you want the very best deal as a buyer or a seller then you get great representation. You wouldn't have your second cousin, new to law or medicine handle your divorce or heart surgery, right? So why let someone less than the best handle one of the biggest most intimate financial transactions of your life? Now I'm not saying that Real Estate Agents are brain surgeons. In fact, unlike me and my agents, most these days don't take the profession seriously and thus as a field we are less then respected and appreciated. But I am "serious as a heart attack" that I do my very best to take care of my clients and offer accurate advise. Seek out the best advise based on sound experience, hard work and have that person work for you. I hope to be that person. As a Real Estate Consultant, I offer more than just a random opinion. I have been involved in the sales, marketing and or design and development of ground breaking projects like, The NoDa Lofts, Charlotte's first mixed use project, Moderna, Charlotte's first single family modern home community and designed the modern Scandinavian homes of the North End. Projects in development range from urban farming communities to modernist metal marvels.  

Charlotte is a transformational city and one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Historic and modern collide in our neighborhoods and beautiful gothic skyline. Call me today to list or buy a home and see what over 20 years of real estate sales experience in this exciting city does for you! Looking to buy, sell or develop in the Charlotte region? Contact owner and Broker, Elizabeth Grillo.  

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"All of the buildings and all of the cars were once just a dream in somebody's head."
~ Poet Anne Sexton put to music by Peter Gabriel 

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