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Today’s market requires more than just a good real estate agent. You need an educated, experienced Realtor who will treat you like a partner. We will guide you through marketing one of your most important assets. Our goal is to develop  long term relationships with clients who refer us in the future to friends, collegues and family. At EG Real Estate Consultants, we rely on the positive referrals of clients.

When we evalute your property we will tell you the truth about your home and the market even when it’s not what you want might want to hear. We might not get every listing every time being that honest but over the years our clients have learned that we work for them vs other brokers who they have reported only work for their commission. We are a flexible concierege firm thats uses not just our techology but our strong work ethic and a fast response to give you personal professional service every day no matter the size and price of the property.

We use profesional photographers and videographers to make your property shine. We network with other good realtors and companies to promote your property. We are experienced in construction and can guide you through the difficulties in negotiating and repairing these issues when they arise. Whether you need to list your historic home in Dilworth or Midwood, your luxury home in South Park ,Ballantyne, Weddington, your investment or rental property or lot we have the expertise to guide you to a successful sale. 


DO I NEED A PRE-INSPECTION ? YES! You never want to be negotiating expensive repairs AFTER you have negotiated your sales price. Most inspections are under $500 and can save you thousands in the end. Most real estate transactions fail over bad inspections. Don’t let that happen to you. Having an inspection to make repairs or disclose to a buyer is also an excellent sales tool. 


DO I NEED TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS OR REMODEL TO GET THE MOST FOR MY HOME ? Perhaps? We have years of experience guiding sellers, builders and developers in making the right choices to get the most value our of an investment. Here are a list of Improvements and the typical return on your investment  

    •    Kitchen remodeling 90%
    •    Add a bath 90% (this is huge if you only have 1 bath since more buyers search for 2) 
    •    HVAC repairs and installations 75%
    •    Adding a deck or windows 75%
    •    Adding a room (not kitchen or bath ) 75%

SHOULD YOU WAIT TO SELL? Perhaps? Charlotte is growing and we know all about light rail and new developments that may help or hurt the value of your home.

SHOULD YOU STAGE YOUR HOME ? Absolutely ! Staging is standard practice in our market now. Staging has been proven to sell a home faster and for a higher price.  Our years of design experience is key here. Our agent Bobby Sisk has one of the best staging companies in the city. 

We can tell you. Contact us and try our property search to view the local market 




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